Choosing a contractor to build your project can seem like a daunting task. A successful experience is not just about the end result. It’s about finding on time and within budget with exceptional quality, professionalism, and integrity. FINAL TOUCH is committed to providing this to all our clients.

Raising the standard is our way of doing business. We constantly strive to find better ways to serve our clients and produce outstanding value and quality in every project we complete. We know that it takes when working in an occupied building in Bangladesh and we surpass the industry standard in customer relations with landlord and tenant notification, ingress protection, cleanliness, daily housekeeping, noise compliance safety.

Final Touch offers an impressive range of services, ideal for both internal and external refurbishment projects. The company carries out a complete range of decorating, building, and repair work, together with extensive renovations, environmental upgrades, and refurbishment projects.

Operating throughout Final Touch's continued success over the past 5 years is in a large part because of our approach to quality control and customer service by bringing together professionals from within the industry with the intention to provide a complete service, throughout all stages of the construction process.

We are proud that throughout our history we have been involved with many worthwhile and interesting projects providing improvements to homes, offices, schools, and public services across the community.

Final Touch places emphasis on quality craftsmanship and excellent all-round service by continuing to prove to our clients that they can expect consistently high standards on any project that we undertake.

A good indication of our customer's satisfaction is the fact that 95% of the works currently on Final Touch order books are with previous and regular clients. Final Touch continues to apply those principles to each and every contract undertaken


Final Touch is a full-service construction company capable of handling projects of all types of sizes: we can help you through the entire process of

  • Design development
  • Pre-construction
  • Conceptual budgeting
  • Estimating and planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Project management
  • Team development and coordination
  • Tenant notification


With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team, and high-quality materials that we use, Final Touch is one of the most sought-after general contractors in the country today. Commercially licensed, insured, and bonded, Final Touch is a general contractor that is involved in a wide array of commercial and residential projects within our markets across the United.

Business With You

Our team ensures good relationships with subcontractors and other partners and works hard to maintain cooperation and mutual respect on all projects so that they are on schedule. At Final Touch, we fully understand the need for coordination of job sites.

Final Touch guide you through the process of selecting and installing the green features in your building or home to benefit the environment that will fit into your current practice.
While the cost of greener structure is a little higher than your normal budget, about 5-10%. By using the correct green building contractor, you can expect an efficient.
By using the correct green building contractor, you can expect an efficient home that is durable, healthier to live in and needs less. While the cost of greener structure is a little higher.


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